Pure Derma Facility

Live With Vitality

For our Patients


We want you to be completely comfortable and know what to expect before you visit our facility. Below are a few things that new patients often ask us about!

What Do I Do When I Get There?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early and dress comfortably for your appointment and check-in at the front desk of the Allergy Clinic. You will sign in as a Pure Derma patient and someone will escort you to the second floor where all treatments take place.

What Is the Office like?

Pure Derma is located on the second floor of the Oklahoma Institute of Allergy Asthma & Immunology. The treatments take place in a large room with a private bathroom where you can change before or after as needed.

Who Will Be in The Session?

Your treatment session will be done by a medically trained staff member who will be there to answer any questions along the way. You will not be left about unless you choose to change or need privacy in the restroom area.

What Will I Feel Like Afterwards?

There is absolutely NO downtime with the procedures we offer. This means you can go about your day as soon as you leave Pure Derma. Most patients notice results within the first week and experience no discomfort.