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What to Expect During Your Visit

We want you to be completely comfortable and know what to expect before you visit our facility. Below are a few things that new patients often ask us about!

What Do I Do When I Get There?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early and dress comfortably for your appointment. You will be greeted by a concierge that will help you check-in for your appointment and answer any questions.

What Is the Office like?

PureDerma is located behind the Oklahoma Institute of allergy asthma and immunology in suite B, parking is located in the Northwest region of our parking lot. Handicap accessible.

We have designated treatment rooms for each individual service.

Pro-Nox Aesthetic System

If pain or discomfort is a concern The Pro-Nox aesthetic system provides fast relief to your patients for pain, discomfort and anxiety occurred while undergoing aesthetic procedures.  

A 50 /50 mix of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide, the 50% N2O and 50% O2 is an effective analgesic that provides quick pain relief and recovery, all while giving the patient a sense of control.

  • Safe and effective – used for decades in dentistry and other disciplines
  • Patient-administered – empowers the patient to respond to their pain & anxiety when they need it
  • Quick onset – takes effect in seconds
  • Short duration of effect – clears from body within minutes

What Will I Feel Like Afterwards?

Depending on the individual procedure performed, the minimum downtime varies. We have purposely chosen innovative technology that allows minimal downtime.

A Comfortable Atmosphere – A More Beautiful You