Pure Derma Med Spa

Medically Trained Experts


I had my first prp facial done yesterday and the staff was great ! Professional, welcoming , and knowledgeable and plan on returning for future treatments!

Lacey Brennan

For anyone who works out frequently or just cannot get their body to the place where they would like – EMSCULPT body sculpting is absolutely the way to go! I went to Pure Derma for four treatments and the results speak for themselves. I have never been able to get my ‘back side’ to where it is today and that would not be possible without Katie Ellis and her team!

Katherine Walker

I was extremely skeptical at first but after going to just one treatment – I could tell a difference. The best part is that I know this is not something I have to do every month for the rest of my life! EMSCULPT gave me the boost I needed and my abs look amazing.

Derba Evans

I had a great experience at Pure Derma for my first PRP FACIAL. The staff were so nice and knowledgeable! I’am loving my result and i’m so happy I decided to do it.

Lacey Brennan

It was extremely important that I have a care team that was medically trained and that is hard to find at other medical spas! Everyone at Pure Derma made me feel extremely confident in the decision I was making to have VANQUISH ME. I lost 2 inches of body fat and am ready to show it off this summer!

Jessica White