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Injectable Dermal fillers are a classification of facial injectables that are used to provide instant or gradual correction in areas where there are notable volume changes related to aging and decreased collagen production. Dermal fillers are also widely utilized in areas in which someone wants to highlight or enhance, such as lips or cheek bones.

Dermal filler injections are used in controlled amounts, usually with 1 or more “cc’s” depending on your aesthetic goal and where the fillers are being used. Lips for example need to be gradually built in single syringe intervals for the safest and most tailored lips. On the other side, areas where there are noticeable changes to the facial shape multiple syringes will be needed to address contour changes associated with aging. Discussing your aging concerns or aesthetic goals is important to us, as it allows us to formulate a specific treatment plan within your budget and timeline. Baseline photography is also taken and numbing cream/time is always included in the cost of your procedure.

The majority of dermal fillers that are injected at PureDerma are considered “Hyaluronic Acid” or HA fillers, meaning that they are very compatible with our bodies and provide buildable results that can also be easily “reversed” if necessary. Injectable HA fillers are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, facial folds, and to create structure, building back the framework and restoring lost volume to the face and lips.

The effects of injectable hyaluronic acid are seen immediately but also require some gradual time to become integrated into the natural tissues. Meaning, plan accordingly! Injections are encouraged no less than 14 days before any big events. As filler injectables have a risk of bruising and swelling associated immediately and up to 10 days. After the 14 days post injection, it is encouraged for you to come back for a follow up with your injector who will be happy to compare your follow up photos to your baseline photography, and discuss the next step of your anti aging treatment plan if necessary.

Areas where fillers are mostly used is in the mid to lower face, usually the area around and below the eye and includes concerns such as; lines, folds, sagging, creases, or simply any changes in one’s appearance with time. Many of these concerns are caused by UV exposure, hormone changes, as well as weight changes over time.

On occasion, a dermal filler considered a “bio stimulant” is used solo or in conjunction with other dermal fillers such as HA filler. These fillers are used in areas where there is a decreased amount of collagen production and are classified as collagen stimulating and “non reversible”. Our highly skilled Nurse Injector enjoys working with bio stimulants when applicable and will thoroughly explain treatment recommendations for a plan prior to initiating a treatment. Every dermal filler provides a unique outcome depending on how it is used and our goal at PureDerma is to provide the safest advanced techniques to deliver the most natural yet improved….YOU!!!


As we age, dynamic muscle movement under our skin can create etchings in the skin and as those muscles continue to stress the overlying skin those etchings will turn into lines eventually becoming noticeable at rest. Areas where this is most evident is the upper portion of the face where there is less fat to cushion the skin and are known as “11’s, worry lines, and smile lines”. The muscles responsible for those lines can be “relaxed” temporarily with an FDA approved injectable medication such as Botox or Jeuveau.

These FDA approved purified proteins (AKA Botox) are injected into specific areas of the face to promote the appearance of smoother skin. Botox is also used to help with brow or smile asymmetry, helps lift the eyebrows, can eliminate underarm sweating,facial contouring, decreases TMJ muscle tone, chin pebble appearance, neck aging, upper lip sweating, and preventative for early aging concerns. Each person has unique anatomy and unique concerns, meaning that their “dose” or amount of units may differ from another person, ensuring that you get the most tailorable yet natural results.

On the day of your treatment, your provider will discuss with you the amount of units to achieve your goal, immediately afterwards there is very little evidence of any injections after the initial 20 minutes. A few days after your injections, you may notice the “settling in” of your Botox treatment and results are continuous until day 14, which is when a follow  with your provider is encouraged. Results typically last 3-4 months in areas of the face and longer results for areas of the body.

The efficacy of these injections make them the most popular non-surgical procedure worldwide.

This procedure is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with current infections or severe allergies, nor Individuals on certain prescribed medications. Full consultation before treatment is required.

The initial Botox appointment can last up to 45 minutes. During this time a thorough medical history consultation will be completed, educating the client on what amount of medication would be best suited for them. This allows each individual to decide which direction they would like to start regarding this service.  Full consent forms are signed while confidential medical photos are taken.

Pure Derma Med Spa has been performing cosmetic injections for many years, helping individuals maintain a youthful and softer appearance.

We also have “reward programs”  affiliated with each product that you choose to use, thus helping you save money long term, and enjoy rebates that can be applied to future treatments.